Design Studio

Million Loops


Maria aims to achieve an understanding of the material on an intimate level through a constant hands-on relationship.   Each project is the result of a creative process and a research methodology that is led by the desire of making each design to speak unto itself.

These chair and stool are the result of an investigation into the use of soft materials in furnitue design. Quality and tradition methods create added value in contrast with the mass production of consumer goods. The hyperbolic crochet technique is used to create the curls on top of the chair generating an appealing texture of a non-upholstered cushioning pillow. The chair is made without any framework beyond the crocheted textile created.  Structural and fluid at the same time, the chair provides an inviting and confortable personal space. 


Project Facts:

Year: 2016
Exhibitions: XXI Triennale International Exhibition Milan 2016 (XX1T)
International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF)  2016
Actual Location: Le domaine de Boisbuchet
Collaboration: Aakanksha Sirothia